I have been crocheting ever since my mothers friend re-taught me to crochet when I was 7 years old. Previously, my mother had taught me to crochet, but for some reason her instructions were lost in translation.

Over the years I have gone from crocheting everyday, to not touching a hook for years, to crocheting in bed and waking up to my husband taking my current crochet project out of my hands and putting it on the nightstand. I have many other crafty hobbies that can distract me if I’m not careful. Especially if they involve shiny things. I like to sew and garden, brew beer, wine and mead and do some light carpentry. I wrangle ferrets into submission (or rescue/foster homeless ferrets if you prefer) on a daily basis, though if you own ferrets you know that is an endless task. For the past several years though, crochet has been my shiny thing.

I have made almost anything you can reasonably think to make with crochet, so now I have switched to the unreasonable.

As I figure out how to create more head coverings with my hooks, I hope to create and publish the patterns for them all. Some of my most fun/challenging projects have been from friends, family and customers asking “Can you make a *insert odd idea here*?” I love a challenge! A hat that looks like a bulldog? Oh boy… we’ll see!

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