Horned Black Hat-Inspired by Maleficent – Tips


This post refers to a crochet pattern I developed for a hat with long, upright horns.  You can purchase it in my Etsy Shop.


The hardest part with this hat is getting the horns stay up.  What I have found that helps:

MOST IMPORTANT is making the base hat so that it has to stretch a bit to fit your head.  This greatly helps to make the horns stay pointing upwards.

Stuff the horns fairly full.  If you don’t, the horn itself will tend to go with gravity, and bend down.  A possible issue with stuffing them really full, is they will stretch and become much bigger than you might like.  If this is the case, make a smaller set of horns, i.e. a small adult sized set of horns for a large adult sized hat.  Make sure the base of the horns is the widest point and is stuffed the fullest.  For larger horns, stuffing them every few inches as you make them, instead of after finishing them, can help quite a bit.

When attaching the horn to the base hat, stretch the opening a bit, and stitch it in as large a circle as you can without dramatically distorting the shape.  This can be difficult without something (such as a ball or a mannequin head) to put the base hat on. This helps hold the hat in place well you stretch and stitch the horns on.

If you just can’t get the horns to behave and point towards the sky with yarn alone, you can try putting wire in them (I’ve had limited success with this method) or rigid plastic embroidery mesh cut on the shape of the curved horn and wrapped in yarn.

Also you can attach ties of either yarn or ribbon to the lower edge of the base hat to be tied under the chin.  This will pull the base hat tighter against the head which should give the horns more lift.

I will try and add photos of these tips and tricks in the near future.

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